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Privacy is a very important issue for us and we do our best to take care of keeping your information safe. In no way your personal data will be shared online by us, the first and probably the most significant rule of our site is to keep your data and all kinds of information highly discreet, safe and untraceable.

Any type of information provided to you via our service is 100% confidentially transferred from various databases and we never overview or keep it – all the resources you receive is provided using a secure page and are given only to your eyes only.


We collect the cookies only for you convenience. Your log in data and preferences are kept on your hard drive, stored and can always be removed via your browser or manually by the client any time.

Log File:

We store the log files that mean the information like IP address, date and time. ISP is also gathered and stored, but in no way any info is never personalized and shared in any way.

Legal Conditions:

As already mentioned your data will never be shared, but stored only on our site. However if legal issues arises we are able to use all the allowed information we possess to save our uprightness.